First on the First

A year ago at this time I was on the couch with a broken arm and broken leg after getting hit-and-run by a car on Christmas Eve. While I lay on the couch, January 1st of 2021, my neighbor Cathy ran the “First on the First 5K” for me.

Today, we ran the race together on a wet morning.

825 people had nothing better to do on a New Year’s Day morning but to gather in the rain and run three miles through Westerville neighborhoods.

I spent 2021 recuperating from the accident. During the last year I didn’t keep track of how many miles I ran or how long it took me to complete them. I just tried to work my way back.

Today is the beginning of being back. It was not a particularly fast run, we averaged close to 11:00 minute miles. My weight is 30 pounds more than this time last year. But I strapped on my Garmin watch for the first time in a long time and took the first steps to being back as a runner.

We were hoping to set a new PR for Cathy but missed that by 20 seconds (making the last mile uphill didn’t help that).

It rained so much I couldn’t see out of my glasses, but it is good to be back.

I am not sure what races I will run this year. COVID has made organized, in person races uncertain. But today I begin the journey of running 2,022 miles this year–only 2,019 to go!

Photo by Robb McCormick Photography ©2021

2021 Albums of the Year

2021 Albums of the Year

Five Stars: The top 10 albums of the year. Call Spoonful Records and get these on vinyl

  1. Lingua Ignota, Sinner Get Ready
  2. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Carnage
  3. Lil Nas X, Montero
  4. June Jones, Leafcutter
  5. Dillbilly, Chaparral
  6. Black Swan, Repetition Hymns
  7. The Bug, Fire
  8. Grouper, Shade
  9. Sarah Mary Chadwick, Me and Ennui Are Friends, Baby
  10. Senyawa, AlkisahFour Stars: This is really good stuff. Listen again and again.
  11. Thomas Feiner & Anywhen, Opiates Revisited
  12. Ecstatic Recordings on Twitter: "claire rousay + more eaze - an afternoon  whine [ELP069] out now on yellow vinyl - 250 copies! @clairerousay @more_eaze …"Claire Rousay, An Afternoon Whine
  13. Kanye West, Donda
  14. Halsey, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power
  15. girl in red, if i could make it go quiet
  16. TV Priest, Uppers
  17. Black Dresses, Forever in Your Heart
  18. Lingua Ignota, Agnus Dei
  19. Deafheaven, Infinite Granite
  20. Backxwash, I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and Dresses
  21. Arca, Madre
  22. Arca, Kick iiiii
  23. Arca, Kick iiii
  24. Arca, Kick iii
  25. Arca Kick ii
  26. Tricky, Lonely Guest
  27. FEATURE: Sometimes I Might Be Introvert: Looking Ahead to Little Simz's  Upcoming Fourth Album — Music Musings & SuchLittle Simz, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
  28. screensaver, Expressions of Interest
  29. Silk Sonic, An Evening with Silk Sonic
  30. illuminati hotties, Let Me Do One More
  31. Dry Cleaning, New Long Leg
  32. NYX and Gazelle Twin, Deep England
  33. Tamar Aphek, All Bets are Off
  34. Steve Earle, J. T.
  35. Black Country, New Road; For the First Time
  36. Bartees Strange, Live at Studio 4
  37. Tyler the Creator, Call Me If You Get Lost
  38. Billie Eillish, Happier Than Ever
  39. Rachika Nayar, Our hands against the dusk
  40. John Forte, Vessels, Angels & Ancestors
  41. Automotion, In Motion
  42. James Blake, Friends That Break Your Heart
  43. Peace Chord, Peace Chord
  44. Catherine Graindorge, Eldorado
  45. Shame: Drunk Tank Pink Album Review | PitchforkGreentea Peng, Man Made
  46. shame, Drunk Tank Pink
  47. A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Invisible Cities
  48. Oh Sees, Weirdo Hairdo
  49. Cabaret Voltaire, Shadow of Funk
  50. Hali Palombo, Cylinder Loops
  51. Meet Me @ The Altar, Model Citizen
  52. Warren Ellis & Nick Cave, La Panthére des Neiges
  53. Drakeo the Ruler, The Truth Hurts
  54. Alan Vega. After Dark
  55. Meat Wave, Volcano Park
  56. Coldcut, @0
  57. Circuit des Yeux, -io
  58. Jonsi, Obsidian
  59. Violet Cold, Empire of Love
  60. Mannequin Pussy, Perfect
  61. Angel Olson, Aisles
  62. Luca Longobardi, Segments
  63. Luca Longobardi, Weltschmerz
  64. Bachelor, Doomin’ Sun
  65. Empire of Love - Album by Violet Cold | SpotifyBertie Marshall, Exhibit
  66. Locked Sailor, Locked Sailor
  67. Sloppy Jane, Madison
  68. Soley, Mother Melancholia
  69. Martina Topley-Bird, Forever I Wait
  70. Indigo De Souza, Any Shape You Take
  71. Ustad Saami, East Pakistan Sky
  72. Steve Von Till, A Deep Voiceless Wilderness
  73. Matthew E White & Lonnie Holley, Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection
  74. Grip, I Died for This?
  75. Adia Victoria, A Southern Gothic
  76. Tirzah, Colourgrade
  77. Mick Jenkins, Elephant in the Room
  78. Spectacular Diagnostics, Ancient Methods
  79. Prolaps, Ultra Cycle Pt 1, Vernal Birth
  80. Closer, Within One Stem
  81. Alan Vega Left a Robust Vault. The Excavation Begins With a New Album. -  The New York TimesLushlife, Redamancy
  82. El Michels Affair, Yeti Season
  83. Alan Vega, Mutator
  84. Fog Lake, Tragedy Reel
  85. Leslie Jordan, Company’s Comin’
  86. Ad Nauseam, Imperative Imperceptible Impulse
  87. Claire Rousay, Both
  88. Thee Oh Sees, Levitation Sessions Vol 2
  89. Closer, Within One Stem
  90. The The, The Comeback Special
  91. El Love, Love Will Drown the Nest
  92. Lael Neale, Acquainted with Night
  93. The Armed, Ultrapop
  94. Wolves in the Throne, Primordial Arcana
  95. Iceage: Seek Shelter
  96. Lucy Liyou, Practice
  97. Talons’, new nightmares
  98. The Underground Youth, The Falling
  99. Paul Leary, Born Stupid
  100. Cloud Nothings, The Shadow I Remember
  101. Tindersticks, Distractions
  102. hakobune, Above the Northern Skies Shown
  103. L’Orange, The World is Still Chaos, But I Feel Better
  104. Ben Marc, Breathe Suite
  105. Nuha Ruby Ra, How to Move
  106. Ian Sweet, Show Me How You Disappear
  107. Uniiqu3, Heartbeats
  108. Kill Scott Herron, The Revolution Will Now Be Live Streamed
  109. Ana Roxanne, Because of a Flower
  110. Hayley Williams, Flowers for Vases /descansos
  111. Cabaret Voltaire, Dekadrone
  112. Anika Pyle, Wild River
  113. Damon Locks Black Movement Ensemble, Now
  114. Irena and Vojtech Havlovi, Melodies in the Sand
  115. Rats on Rafts, Excerpts from Chapter 3: The Mind Runs a Net of Rabbit Paths
  116. Mouse on Mars, Aai
  117. Basside and Sophie, F It Up
  118. Jimmy Edgar, Cheetah Bend
  119. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, B-Sides & Rarities (Part II)
  120. Fax Gang, Aethernet
  121. Rejoice, Damnation No Longer Hurts
  122. Blanck Mass, In Ferneaux
  123. Claire Rousay, A Softer Focus
  124. John Dwyer, Endless Garbage
  125. iamdoechi, Bra-less
  126. TYRON | slowthaiAtarshi Gakko!, Snacktime
  127. Typhoon, Sympathetic Magic
  128. slowthai, TYRON
  129. Julien Baker, Little Oblivious
  130. John Hopkins, Music for Psychedelic Therapy
  131. Maassai, With the Saints
  132. Mogwai, As the love continues
  133. Tommy Genesis, goldilocks x
  134. Steven R Smith, The Growing Surface
  135. Louisahhh, The Practice of Freedom
  136. Zuli, All Caps
  137. Viagra Boys, Welfare Jazz
  138. Palberta, Palberta5000
  139. Goat Girl, On All Fours
  140. God Damn, Raw Coward
  141. Anna Leone, I’ve Felt All These Things
  142. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Brains, Swing from the Sean DeLear
  143. WILLOW, lately i feel EVERYTHING
  144. Squirrel Flower, Planet (i)
  145. Cold Beat, War Garden
  146. Courtney Barnett, Things Take Time, Take Time
  147. Sharon Van Etten: epic Ten Album Review | PitchforkDinosaur Jr, Sweep It Into Space
  148. Sophia Kennedy, Monsters
  149. Sharon Van Etten, epic Ten
  150. Growing, Diptych
  151. Rhiannon Giddens, They’re Calling Me Home
  152. Home is Where, I Became Birds
  153. Terrace Martin, Drones
  154. Jonnine, Blue Hills
  155. cehryl, time machine
  156. The Staves, Good Woman
  157. Pom Pom Squad, Death of a Cheerleader
  158. Duran Duran, Future Past
  159. Blu DeTiger, How Did We Get Here?
  160. Moin, Moot!
  161. Stereolab, Electrically Possessed
  162. Vegyn, Like a Good Old Friend
  163. Parannoul, To See the Next Part of the Dream
  164. Thirdface, Do It With a Smile3 Stars: A quality listen. Worth a once through.
  165. 645AR,  Most Hated
  166. 645AR - YouTubeDon Toliver, Life of a DON
  167. Turnstile, Glow On
  168. Sleaford Mods, Spare Ribs
  169. Melvins, Working with God
  170. Angel Du$t, YAK: A Collection of Truck Songs
  171. Common, A Beautiful Revolution Part 2
  172. Heinrich Kobberling, Dissent Chapters 1-10
  173. Ty Segall, Harmonizer
  174. BADBADNOTGOOD, Talk Memory
  175. PinkPantheress, To Hell With It
  176. Poppy, Flux
  177. Gabe ‘Nandez, Strife
  178. Tropical F Storm, Deep States
  179. Arooj Aftab, Vulture PrinceDawn Richard – Second Line (2021, Vinyl) - Discogs
  180. Hannah Jadagu, What is Going on?
  181. Dawn Richard, Boomerang
  182. J Cole, The Off-Season
  183. Sleater-Kinney, Path of Wellness
  184. Finneas, Optimist
  185. Remi Wolf, Juno
  186. Alien Nosejob, Paint It Clear
  187. Joshua Crumbly, ForEver
  188. Delivery, Yes We Do
  189. Maria Dehart, Quarantunes
  190. Nightshift, Zoe
  191. Ryan Dugre, Three Rivers
  192. Lisel & Booker Stardum, Mycelial Echo
  193. Colin Miller, Hook
  194. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END
  195. The Black Keys, Delta Kream
  196. Lily Konigsberg, Lily We Need to Talk Now
  197. Spirit of the Beehive, Entertainment, Death
  198. Wristwatch, Wristwatch
  199. Clark, Playground in a Lake
  200. Lilli Lewis, AmericanaDropkick Murphys announce new album 'Turn Up That Dial,' share “Middle  Finger”
  201. Ty Segall, Harmonizer
  202. Mastadon, Hushed and Grim
  203. Dropkick Murphys, Turn Up That Dial
  204. Sheep, Dog & Wolf, Two-Minds
  205. Elori Saxl, The Blue of Distance
  206. The Many, Have Mercy
  207. Anzahlung, I’ve Lost My Footing on the World
  208. Cleo Sol, Mother
  209. Celeste, Not Your Muse
  210. Dialect, Under-Between
  211. Amy Shark, Cry Forever
  212. Arlo Parks, Collapsed in Sunbeams
  213. dodie, Build a Problem
  214. Toth, You and Me and Everything
  215. Toth, Death
  216. Tems, If Orange was a Place
  217. High Contrast, Notes from the Underground Remixes
  218. Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, Raise the Roof
  219. They Might Be Giants, Book
  220. Ashley Monroe, Rosegold
  221. Charles Moothart, Soft Crime
  222. Benny the Butcher & Harry Fraud, The Plugs I Met 2
  223. Brian Eno, Film Music: science/fiction
  224. Pharoahe Monch / Th1rt3eN: A Magnificent Day for an Exorcism Album Review |  PitchforkRichard Barbieri, Chosen Spells
  225. Kosei Fukuda, RUTEN
  226. th1rt3en, A Magnificent Day for an Exorcism
  227. Brian Eno, Film Music: Voices & Words
  228. Another Sky, Music for Winter Vol 1
  229. Editrix, Tell Me I’m Bad
  230. Amulets, Bloomig
  231. Tune-Yards, sketchy.
  232. Supercorp, Lissajous I
  233. Martin Gore, The Third Chimpanzee
  234. John Dwyer, Witch Egg
  235. Sal Dulu, Xompulse
  236. Anna B Savage, A Common Turn
  237. Clever Girls, Constellations
  238. The Body, I’ve Seen All that I Need to See
  239. 4 Mars, Super Somali Sounds from the Gulf of Tadjoura
  240. Ragazze Quartet & Martijn Cornet, Schubert: Die Winterreise
  241. black midi, Cavalcade
  242. MODCON, Modern Condition
  243. Alewya, Panther in Mode
  244. Sons of Kemet, Black to the Future
  245. 2nd Generation Wu, Hereditary
  246. Revulsion, Revulsion
  247. Nana Yamato, Yoakemae
  248. SHE WAS A VISITOR - ISO 220320 Vinyl at Juno Records.Lost Girls, Menneskekollektivet
  249. Predznanie, Терапия
  250. She was a Visitor, ISO 220320
  251. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, L. W.
  252. Tinashe, 333
  253. Julie Doiron, I Thought of You
  254. Pozi, Typing
  255. Chuck Johnson, The Cinder Grove
  256. Divide and Distress, Gas Lit
  257. Genghis Tron, Dream Weapon
  258. Wau Wau Collectif, Yaral Sa Doom
  259. Mint Julep, In a Deep and Dreamless Sleep
  260. The Gubs, Daisy Cutter Genocide
  261. nothing, nowhere. Trauma Factory
  262. Lord Apex, Smoke Sessions 3
  263. LICE, Wasteland: What Ails our People is Clear
  264. Pauline Anna Strom, Angel Tears in Sunlight
  265. Roy Montgomery, Island of Lost Souls
  266. Pillow Dog, Happy Heart Attack Vol 1
  267. For Your Health, In Spite Of
  268. Psychadelic Porn Crumpets, SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound
  269. David Gray, Skellig
  270. The Parrots, Dos
  271. Billy Nomates. Emergency Telephone
  272. Valerie June, The Moon and Stars
  273. Really From, Really From
  274. Julius Eastman, Femenine
  275. Ryley Walker & Kikagaku Moyo, Deep Fried Grandeur
  276. Keeks, Heal
  277. Helado Negro, Far In
  278. Lande Hekt, Going to Hell
  279. Kate Davis, Strange Boy
  280. Bobby Lee, Origin Myths
  281. Pink Sweat$ explores 'The Prelude' to 'Pink Planet,' discusses how he goes  beyond R&B | - New R&B Music, Artists, Playlists, LyricsAi Yamamoto, Pan de Sonic
  282. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Theory of Ice
  283. Pink Sweat$, Pink Planet
  284. Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin, $Mokebreak
  285. Hand Habits, dirt
  286. Yu Su, Yellow River Blue
  287. Lorde, Solar Power
  288. Octo Octa, She’s Calling
  289. Drake, Certified Lover Boy
  290. Moon Taxi, Silver Dream
  291. Bat Fangs, Queen of My World
  292. Mickey Guyton, Remember Her Name
  293. Abstract Mindstate, Dreams Still Inspire
  294. Logic, Bobby Tarantino III
  295. Mason Lindahl, Kissing Rosy in the Rain
  296. Kasper Marott, Full Circle
  297. Bicep, Isles
  298. Central, Bpemr
  299. Crumb, Ice Melt
  300. Darkside, Spiral
  301. Jane Fontana, In Situ
  302. Floating Points, Promises
  303. New Pagans, The Seed, The Vessels, The Roots and All
  304. Middle Kids, Today We’re the Greatest
  305. Epitaph, Tears for the Dying
  306. Stortregn, Impermanence
  307. Suffering Hour, The Cyclic Reckoning
  308. Yoshinori Hayashi: Pulse of Defiance Album Review | PitchforkDeekapz, Jewel Gems
  309. Portrayal of Guilt, We Are Always Alone
  310. Perfume Genius, IMMEDIATELY Remixes
  311. Yoshinori Hayashi, Pulse of Defiance
  312. Big Ghost Ltd & Conway the Machine, If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed
  313. Altin Gun, Yol
  314. The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries, Suns Out Guns Out
  315. Mush, Lines Redacted
  316. Parquet Courts, Sympathy for Life
  317. Virginia Wing, Private Life2 stars: I am not sure what happened here, but something went wrong,
  318. Idles, Crawler
  319. IDLES: Crawler Album Review | PitchforkTori Amos, Ocean to Ocean
  320. Coldplay, Music of the Spheres
  321. Lana Del Ray, Blue Banisters
  322. Lana Del Rey, Chemtrails Over the Country Club
  323. Allie Crow Buckley, Moonlit and Devious no
  324. Nermin Niazi, Disco Se Aagay
  325. Portrayal of Guilt, We Are Always Alone
  326. Voilaaa, Voiciii
  327. Miss Grit, Blonde
  328. His Name is Alive, Hope is a Candle
  329. Pom Poko, Cheater
  330. Midnight Sister, Painting the Roses
  331. The Dirty Nil, F— Art
  332. Marauder, Puissance 4
  333. Snacking, Painted Gold
  334. Foo Fighters, Medicine at Midnight
  335. Edie Brickell & New Bohemiams, Hunter and the Dog Star
  336. Sam Dew, Moonlit Fools
  337. Passenger, Songs for the Drunk and Brokenhearted1 Star: Turn around now, don’t listen. You can’t unhear what you have heard
  338. The Hold Steady, Open Door Policy
  339. Cassandra Jenkins, An Overview of Phenomenal Nature
  340. Albertine Sarges, The Sticky Fingers
  341. Tele Novella, Merlynn Belle
  342. Various Artists, Indaba IS
  343. The Weather Station, Ignorance

100 Best Running Songs of 2021

100 Books Reading Challenge 2021 | Lanre Dahunsi

2021 brought with it far fewer running miles. After bouncing off a car on Christmas Eve 2020, much of my year was spent in physical therapy and recovery. I began running again in June, did a 5K in August, and 10K in October.

Despite the reduced miles, there was still so much great music that came out this year. Here are the 100 best songs (in my unprofessional opinion) for running, driving, working out, cleaning, or just jamming.

You can listen to this playlist on Apple Music at

Enjoy! Let me know what you have been listening to and what I missed.

  1. Running, Fake Names
  2. Hand of God, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  3. I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS and MY DRESSES (feat. Ada Rook), Backxwash
  4. Bang (feat. Manga Saint Hilare), The Bug
  5. I Who Bend the Tall Grasses, Lingua Ignota
  6. MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), Lil Nas X
  7. Fly As Me, Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic
  8. Drones (feat. James Fauntleroy, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg & Ty Dolla $ign), Terrace Martin
  9. p r i d e . i s . t h e . d e v i l, J. Cole & Lil Baby
  10. family ties, Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar
  11. Jesus Lord, Kanye West
  12. Don’t Judge Me, FKA twigs, Headie One & Fred again..
  13. Mmmoooaaaaayaya, illuminati hotties
  14. Serotonin, girl in red
  15. t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l (feat. Travis Barker), WILLOW
  16. Therapy, June Jones
  17. a woman is a god, Tommy Genesis
  18. Introvert, Little Simz
  19. Unsmart Lady, Dry Cleaning
  20. I am not a woman, I’m a god, Halsey
  21. Different, Mickey Guyton
  22. I’m Not a Man, Suzi Moon
  23. Hit Like A Girl, Meet Me @ The Altar
  24. Chaise Longue, Wet Leg
  25. Woman, Doja Cat
  26. Walkthrough! (feat. Eminem), Grip
  27. Alert Level, Ministry
  28. The Wheel, IDLES
  29. Sean DeLear, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
  30. All The Way Dumb, Angel Du$t
  31. Unisil, SOPHIE
  32. ISN’T EVERYONE, HEALTH & Nine Inch Nails
  33. All Futures, The Armed
  34. The Trembling of Glass, Rachika Nayar
  35. In Blur, Deafheaven
  36. Press Gang, TV Priest
  37. Better in My Day, NYX & Gazelle Twin
  38. High & Hurt, Iceage
  39. That Feeling Like, Sarah Mary Chadwick
  40. Oxytocin, Billie Eilish
  41. Coming Back (feat. SZA), James Blake
  42. Kill Me, Indigo De Souza
  43. Solar Power, Lorde
  44. Yella Bird, Dillbilly
  45. Blue Vein, Lael Neale
  46. I’ll Go Running, Squirrel Flower
  47. 1 (feat. umru, Himera & trndytrndy), Petal Supply
  48. Flight of the Screaming Baboon, Automotion
  49. Bruxos, Pongo
  50. Champagne Poetry, Drake
  51. Pride, Violet Cold
  52. Wet Dream, Wet Leg
  53. Flux, Poppy
  54. Stranger, Anjimile
  55. Wrecking Ball, Lilli Lewis
  56. Magnolia Blues, Adia Victoria
  57. Death (with Francesco Turrisi), Rhiannon Giddens
  58. Mean-Hearted Woman, Adia Victoria
  59. Utopia, Niis
  60. Pre War Tension (feat. Marta), Lonely Guest, Joe Talbot & Tricky
  61. Kiamat (feat. bisinggama), Senyawa
  62. Mountain Magick, Wolves in the Throne Room
  63. Gloria, Angel Olsen
  64. Alphabet, shame
  65. Nothing Left, Alan Vega
  66. Steady (feat. D Smoke & Wiz Khalifa), Camino
  67. Die/Cry, Indigo De Souza
  68. Born Yesterday, Arca & Sia
  69. INVISIBLE, Duran Duran
  70. Chickenskin (feat. Elucid), Spectacular Diagnostics
  71. No Movement, screensaver
  72. Have Mercy, Chlöe
  73. Thot Shit, Megan Thee Stallion
  74. Rainforest, Noname
  75. good 4 u, Olivia Rodrigo
  76. Anthony Kiedis, Remi Wolf
  77. Bunny Is A Rider, Caroline Polachek
  78. Rebel Girl, The Linda Lindas
  79. Good Ones, Charli XCX
  80. Bussifame, Dawn Richard
  81. Go Down Deh (feat. Sean Paul & Shaggy), Spice
  82. fitt (feat. Amaarae), Dua Saleh
  83. LEMONHEAD (feat. 42 Dugg), Tyler, The Creator
  84. Ship of Theseus, Zao
  85. Rumors, Lizzo & Cardi B
  86. Body (Remix) [feat. ArrDee, E1 (3×3), ZT (3×3), Bugzy Malone, Buni, Fivio Foreign & Darkoo], Tion Wayne & Russ Millions
  87. Blood Machine, Charles Moothart
  88. Dip, Stefflon Don & Ms Banks
  89. Yebo Teacher, Moonchild Sanelly
  90. Detainer Man, Pozi
  91. You Work All Day and Then You Die, The Parrots
  92. Raw Coward, God Damn
  93. ENDLESS, Turnstile
  94. Crimson + Clover, Pom Pom Squad
  95. Troth (The Dreamers), Thomas Feiner
  96. Back Of My Hand, Bachelor, Jay Som & Palehound
  97. Perfect, Mannequin Pussy
  98. Crappy Dreams Count, Moin
  99. Truth (feat. Leo Conoza), Iamdoechii
  100. As Time Goes By, Tamar Aphek
Original versions of As Time Goes By by Tamar Aphek | SecondHandSongs

Spooky Dam 10K—Almost a DFL

In the Team Possum running world, the person who finishes last is seen as the most courageous. After all, it is the person who finishes last who has run for the longest amount of time. At the end of a Possum race, the DFL (Dead F*ing Last) person gets a ridiculously large trophy. I hoped today might be my opportunity.

I signed up to run the Spooky Dam 10K about 12 hours before race time, not particularly trained for a race. On Monday I saw my doctor and complained about weight gain. He said I should run more. So after my appointment I did as the doctor ordered, went for a run, fell, and injured my rib. I took the rest of the week off running and in the first mile of the race could definitely feel it.

The race is an out-and-back course on the walking trail that parallels the shore of Buckeye Lake. It was a typical late October, Ohio day: gray, cool, and drizzly. Yet, it is a picturesque community with cute lakefront houses. Residents came out in costume and cheered as we ran by.

Buckeye Lake, Ohio

At the 5K turn around point, the singer Shawna Croder ran up next to me and turned around with the overwhelming majority of the runners. The first quarter of the race featured a nice crowd; the last three quarters was pretty sparse.

After turning around at the 10K point, I initially thought only one person was behind me and this was my chance to finally get the illusive DFL. A few minutes later I saw an older gentleman still headed toward the turnaround point who was walking. I knew I couldn’t get the DFL with integrity. Always a bridesmaid, never a DFL.

However, on the return journey I ran with a guy named Brad. Brad was running his first ever 10K and I shared with him the Possum adage that “if you get to the finish line and haven’t made a new friend, you are doing it wrong.” He said, “well, I guess I’ll be your friend.”

Is it worrisome when a race volunteer is dressed like a witch?

In the last half mile I let Brad go ahead and crossed the finish line listening to the Dead Kennedy’s song, Halloween.

Probably the slowest 10K I’ve ever run and the closest I ever came to DFL. The only person slower than me was a man walking. However, considering it was 10 months since bouncing off a car and five days after falling on a rib, I am glad for the ability to finish.

Start Again

My leg
marked and swollen
My steps
Just a few days ago
ready to quit

And yet
here I am
Legs turning
fast as they can
Heart less conditioned
remembering how it once pumped
Body churning its fastest
yet getting passed
Poured it all out
all I can do

1963 in 2020

I have attempted the run the year challenge for three years in a row. And, I have fallen short each time.

In 2018 I finished with 1800 miles—a new personal best and a good start. In 2019 I again set a personal best with 1801 miles but still a couple hundred below the goal.

In 2020 I was determined to run the year and run the miles. I was sick in January, so missed a few days at the first of the year, and was behind ever since.

The virtual runs offered during coronavirus lockdowns did not help. In fact I think the uncanceled runs, provided by the same people who created run the year, served as cross purposes. While racing in a number of events sounds like a good way to catch up on miles, the resting before and after a race creates a net negative affect. In 2020 I raced in over 30 virtual races. Both wanting to push myself, and to support the running community.

I sought to run these races with some integrity. Not every race was a PR, although I did set some of those. But I did not go out and simply jog a 5K or finish a marathon as a slow jog. I put out a real effort as if I was racing. Among these 30 events I ran about a half dozen marathons and ultras.

Every week the deficit for my running balance improved more and more. Soon it was in the single digits. With a week to go, I had less than 50 miles to run. I can remember thinking on Christmas Eve morning, if I wanted to, I could run this whole thing in one day. But that is not how the day would turn out.

A mile into the run I got hit head on by a car. The driver didn’t stop. I could see the headlights coming at me but it was too late to do anything about it. I flew in the air like a cartoon character and landed on my right side. The adrenaline initially masked the pain, but I soon realized my arm and leg were like Jell-O. Another attempt at running the year was finished. Another time I have fallen short.

I am lucky to be alive. I can remember details of the accident that I wish I didn’t. I am sad to have put the ones i love through this hell again. But as the tattoo on my clavicle reminds me, i will rise above.

Top 366 Albums of 2020

The best albums of 2020 so far |

2020 is a year that will go down in infamy historically… but, has been a remarkable year musically. 

For the last several years I have put out a list of my top albums of the year. This year, I kept a list of all the new albums I listened to. Instead of limiting to a finite number of favorite albums, I ranked them all. This worked out to 366 albums, one for each day of the year. 

Here are my  favorite albums that came out in 2020. The year may have sucked, but the music was fantastic. Thanks to Henry Rollins and his KCRW Radio Show, Iggy Pop’s Iggy Confidential, NPRs All Songs Considered, and all the other music sites that help to keep it fresh.

What did you listen to in 2020?

2020 Albums of the Year

  1. Spanish Love Songs, Brave Faces ALBUM REVIEW: Spanish Love Songs – Brave Faces Everyone – Good Call LiveEveryone
  2. Public Enemy, What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down
  3. IDLES, Ultra Mono
  4. Arca, KiCk i
  5. Nick Cave, Idiot Prayer
  6. clipping., Visions of Bodies Being Burned
  7. Mac Miller, Circles
  8. Run the Jewels, RTJ4
  9. Sault, Untitled (Black Is)
  10. Sarah Mary Chadwick, Please Daddy
  11. Mark Lanegan, Straight Songs of Sorrow
  12. Touche Amore, Lament
  13. What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? | HIGHRESAUDIOBAMBARA, Stray
  14. Tricky, Fall to Pieces
  15. Eminem, Music to be Murdered By
  16. Fontaines DC, A Hero’s Death
  17. Juice WRLD, Legends Never Die
  18. Drakeo the Ruler, Thank You for using GTL
  19. Fantastic Negrito, Have you lost your mind yet?
  20. Amnesia Scanner, Tearless
  21. Jeff Rosenstock, No Dream
  22. The Avalanches, We Will Always Love You
  23. Flaming Lips climb into giant bubbles and channel their inner "Wizard of  Oz" with Pink Floyd-themed set | Archive | pressofatlanticcity.comThe Flaming Lips, American Head
  24. Protomartyr, Ultimate Success Today
  25. Perfume Genius, Set my heart on fire immediately
  26. Quakers, II-The Next Wave
  27. 2nd Grade, Hit to Hit
  28. Oh Sees, Panther Rotate
  29. Oh Sees, Metamorphosed
  30. Porridge Radio, Every Bad
  31. Nothing, The Great Dismal
  32. Grimes, This story is dedicated to all those cyberpunks
  33. Bill Callahan, Gold Record
  34. Cabaret Voltaire, Shadow of Fear
  35. Alien Nosejob, Suddenly Everything is Twice as Loud
  36. X, Alphabetland
  37. Princess Nokia, Everything SucksPrincess Nokia – Everything Sucks / Everything Is Beautiful | Album Reviews  | musicOMH
  38. Princess Nokia, Everything Is Beautiful
  39. Emel, The Tunis Diaries
  40. Metz, Atlas Vending
  41. Busta Rhymes, Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God
  42. Coriky, Coriky
  43. Bob Mould, Blue Hearts
  44. Big Sean, Detroit 2
  45. Halsey, Manic
  46. Dogleg, Melee
  47. Juicy J, The Hustle Continues
  48. Orville Peck, Show Pony
  49. Sevdaliza, Shabrang
  50. Son Lux, Tomorrows II
  51. Review: Orville Peck Adds to His Own Mystique With New EP Show PonySon Lux, Tomorrows I
  52. Oh Sees, Protean Threat
  53. Cliquey Bitches, Scorpio Scorpio
  54. Gulfer, Gulfer
  55. J. Zunz, Hibiscus
  56. Black Thought, Streams of Thought Volume 3
  57. Shut it Down: Benefit for the movement for Black Lives
  58. Arca, Riquiqui Bronze Instances
  59. Ghostemane, Anti-icon
  60. Drakeo the Ruler, We Know the Truth
  61. Futuro, Os Segredos do Espaco e Tempo
  62. Sufjan Stevens, The Ascension
  63. Humanist, Humanist
  64. Drive by truckers, The New OK
  65. Logic, No Pressure
  66. The Innocence Mission, See You Tomorrow
  67. Le Butcherettes, Don’t Bleed
  68. Magik Markers, 2020 Image may contain: Sphere, Human, Person, People, Ball, Team, Sport, Sports, and Team Sport
  69. Boris, Refrain
  70. Nerrves, We Were Too Late Anyway
  71. Alien Nosejob, Once Again the Present Becomes the Past
  72. Sleeper and Snake, Fresco Shed
  73. Oneohtrix Point Never, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never
  74. The Bug, In Blue
  75. Pop Smoke, Shoot for the stars aim for the moon
  76. Soakie, Soakie
  77. Diet Cig, Do you wonder about me?
  78. Svalbard, When I Die Will I Get Better?
  79. Ustad Saami, Pakistan is for the Peaceful
  80. Ondara - Folk n' Roll Vol. 1: Tales Of Isolation [2 LP] - MusicBody Count, Carnivore
  81. Neil Young, Homegrown
  82. Helena Deland, Someone New
  83. Chubby and the Gang, Speed Kills
  84. Pup, This place sucks ass
  85. Jehnny Beth, To Love is to Love
  86. Floral Tattoo, You can never have a long enough head start
  87. Moses Sumney, grae
  88. Kid Cudi, Man on the Moon iii
  89. J. S. Ondara, Folk n Roll Vol 1, Tales of Isolation
  90. Adrianne Lenker, instrumentals
  91. Soul Glo, Songs to Yeet at the Sun
  92. Adrianne Lenker, songs
  93. Bartees Strange, Live Forever
  94. Lomelda, Hannah Gigaton (Vinyl, LP) album cover
  95. Pearl Jam, Gigaton
  96. Waxahatchee, Saint Cloud
  97. The Psychedelic Furs, Made of Rain
  98. Dead lips, dead lips
  99. The Waterboys, Good Luck, Seeker
  100. Illuminati hotties, FREE I.H. This is not the one you’ve been waiting for
  101. Ozzy Osbourne, Ordinary Man
  102. AC/DC, Power Up 
  103. Good Sad Happy Bad, Shades
  104. Mourn, Self Worth
  105. Gorillaz, Song Machine Episode 6
  106. Childish Gambino, 3.15.20
  107. The Cravats, Hooraland
  108. Little Simz, Drop 6
  109. Anti-Flag, 20/20 Vision
  110. Hamilton Leithauser, The Loves of your life
  111. The Weekend, After Hours
  112. Charli XCX, how I’m feeling now
  113. Grimes, Miss Anthropocene
  114. Miss Anthropocene - WikipediaUndeath, Lesions of a Different Kind
  115. Angel Olson, Whole New Mess
  116. Avett Brothers, The Third Gleam
  117. Oklou, Galore
  118. Lambchop, Trip
  119. Death Valley Girls, Under the Spell of Joy
  120. The Mountain Goats, Getting Into Knives
  121. The Sea The Sea, Stumbling Home
  122. Rina Sawayama, Sawayama
  123. Deafbrick, Deafkids & Petbrick
  124. Open Mike Eagle, Anime, Trauma, and Divorce
  125. Jello Biafra & The Guantanomo School of Medicine, Tea Party Revenge Porn
  126. Sleaford Mods, All That Glue
  127. Eighth Blackbird, Singing in the Dead of Night
  128. Phoebe Bridgers, Punisher
  129. Singing in the Dead of Night - Cedille RecordsRita Indiana, Mandinga Times
  130. Miley Cyrus, Plastic Hearts
  131. Fleet Foxes, Shore
  132. Knot, Knot
  133. Noveller, Arrow
  134. Siti Muharam, Siti of Unguja
  135. Jockstrap, Beavercore
  136. Damaged Bug, Bug on Yonkers
  137. Bob Dylan, Rough and Ready Ways
  138. The Strokes, The New Abnormal
  139. Dizzee Rascal, E3 AF
  140. Fuzz, III
  141. Alan Vega, City
  142. Seth Bogart, Men on the Verge of Nothing
  143. Boris, No
  144. Halsey, Manic: Or are you normal
  145. Tori Amos, Christmastide
  146. Tom Morello, Comandante
  147. Black Eyed Peas, Translation Black Eyed Peas Share Album Details, New Single
  148. Bright Eyes, Down in the Weeds, Where the world once was
  149. Elvis Costello, Hello Clockface
  150. Juliana Barwick, Healing is a miracle
  151. Code Orange, Underneath
  152. Eminem, Music to be Murdered by Side B
  153. Annaca, Solace
  154. Sightless Pit, Grave of a Dog
  155. Nova Twins, Who are the girls?
  156. Ian William Craig, Red Sun Through Smoke
  157. Krust, The Edge of Everything
  158. Taylor Swift, Evermore
  159. David Bowie, ChangesNowBowie
  160. Elliot Smith, Elliot Smith Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition
  161. The White Stripes, Greatest HitsAlbum Review: Pylon - Pylon Box - mxdwn Music
  162. Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys Music
  163. Pylon, Pylon Box
  164. David Bowie,
  165. Pearl Jam, MTV Unplugged
  166. Special Interest, The passion of
  167. Stormlight, Natoma
  168. Fake Names, Fake Names
  169. Boneflower, Armour
  170. The Lawrence Arms, Skeleton CoastDream Wife - So When You Gonna... | Album Review
  171. Stay Inside, Viewing
  172. Daniel Blumberg, On&On
  173. No Home, F’ing Hell
  174. Kath Bloom, Bye Bye These are the Days
  175. Closedown, Bask in the Dancing Light
  176. Dream Wife, So When You Gonna
  177. A. Swayze & the Ghosts, Paid Salvation
  178. L. A. Witch, Play with fire
  179. Awich, Partition
  180. Lafawndah, The Fifth Season
  181. Same, Plastic Western
  182. Mozzy, Beyond bulletproof
  183. Permanent Residue, S/T Tape
  184. Fossil Arm, In Bad Decline
  185. Wednesday, I was trying to describe you to someone
  186. The Cool Greenhouse, The Cool Greenhousefpo
  187. Megan thee Stallion, Good News
  188. Bree Runway, 200ANDEVA
  189. Wayfarer, A Romance with Violence
  190. Brigid Dawson and the Mother Network, Battle of Apes
  191. Lucinda Williams, Good souls better angels
  192. Songdog, A Happy EndinSNEAKS - Happy Birthday - Music
  193. Infant Island, Sepulcher
  194. Midewife, Forever
  195. Deradoorian, Find the Sun
  196. Sneaks, Happy Birthday
  197. Alicia Keys, Alicia
  198. Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist, Alfredo
  199. Sad13, Haunted Painting
  200. Frock Destroyers, Frock4Life
  201. Green Day, Father of all
  202. Fra Fra, Funeral Songs
  203. The Suicide Machine, Revolution Spring
  204. THICK, 5 Years Behind
  205. Thundercat, It is what it is
  206. Cold Beat, Mother
  207. Jonsi, Shiver
  208. Roisin Murphy, Roisin Machine 
  209. Lucrecia Dalt, No Era Solida
  210. 21 Savage, Savage Mode II
  211. King Princess, Cheap QueenYaeji on Twitter: "my new mixtape is out everywhere now  💚🧅 i'm having a live streaming drawing/doodling  partayy while we listen and chat on @youtubemusic today 12PM EDT 🍀 you can  grab
  212. Junglepussy, JP4
  213. Speaker Music, Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry
  214. Yaeji, What We Drew
  215. Frail Hands, parted/departed/apart
  216. Ora Cogan, , Bells in the Ruins
  217. Apollo Brown and Che Noir, As God Intended
  218. Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn, Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn
  219. Autechre, Sign
  220. TORRES, Silver Tongue
  221. Nas, King’s Disease
  222. Boston Manner, Glue
  223. Sam Prekop, Comma
  224. Shackleton, Primal Forms
  225. JARV IS…, Beyond the Pale
  226. Wind Atlas, Arche-FossilA. G. Cook (@agcook404) | Twitter
  227. Days and Daze, Show me the blueprints
  228. Nine Inch Nails, Ghosts V
  229. Nine Inch Nails, Ghosts VI
  230. A. G. Cook, Apple
  231. Bad Bunny, YHLQMDLG 
  232. Strike Anywhere, Nightmares of the West
  233. Jake Blount, Spider Tales
  234. dj  blackpower, BLP2020 King of the Night
  235. Travis, 10 Songs
  236. Arrested Development, Don’t Fight Your Demons
  237. Tame Impala, The Slow Rush
  238. Brendan Benson, Dear Life
  239. Adulkt Life, Book of Curses
  240. The Beths, Jump Rope Gazers
  241. Palm Reader, Sleepless
  242. Loma, Don’t Shy Away
  243. Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou, May Our Chambers Be Full
  244. Mr Bungle, The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo
  245. Soko, Feel FeelingsWILMA ARCHER - A Western Circular - Music
  246. Numun, Voyage Au Soleil
  247. KA, Descendents of Cain
  248. Jay Electronica, A Written Testimony
  249. Marilyn Manson, We Are Chaos
  250. Crack Cloud, Pain Olympics
  251. Wilma Archer, A Western Circular
  252. Fossil Island, In Bad Decline
  253. The Chats, High Risk Behavior
  254. Sweeping Promises, Hunger for a way out
  255. Nils Frahm, Empty
  256. Yuja Wang, John Adams: Must the devil have all the good tunes?
  257. Es, Less of Everything
  258. Dua Lipa, Future Nostalgia
  259. Paul McCartney, McCartney III
  260. Kelly Lee Owens, Inner Song
  261. Haley Williams, Petals for Armor
  262. Car Seat Headrest, Making a door less open
  263. FACS, Void Moments
  264. JFDR, New Dreams
  265. Lithics, Tower of ageNazar - 'Guerilla' review
  266. Algiers, There is No Year
  267. Nazar, Guerilla
  268. Blawan, Immulsion
  269. Gaika, Seguridad
  270. Nuvolascura. As we suffer from memory and imagination
  271. Melenas, Dias Raros
  272. Behemouth, A Forest
  273. Michael Rother, Dreaming
  274. Mutant Love, Revolution Redacted Pt. 1
  275. Lady Gaga, Chromatica
  276. Annie, Dark HeartsImage may contain: Text, Document, Id Cards, Human, Person, License, Driving License, and Ebony Bones
  277. Anjimile, Giver Taker
  278. Hilary Woods, Birthmarks
  279. Hook, Crashed My Car
  280. The Bombpops, Death in Venice Beach
  281. Inexorum, Moonlit Naviation
  282. Soccer96. Tactics
  283. Soccer mommy, color theory
  284. Cable Ties, Fair Enough
  285. Alice Bag, Sister Dynamite
  286. The Soft Pink Truth, Shall we go on sinning that grace May increase?
  287. Four Year Strong, Brain Pain
  288. Lil Uzi Vert, Eternal Atake
  289. Ratboys, Printer’s Devil
  290. Spun Out, Touch the SoundHamerkop - Remote (LP)
  291. Troye Sivan, In a dream
  292. Jonnine, Super Natural
  293. Hamerkop, remote
  294. Drive-by truckers, the unraveling
  295. Gorillaz, Song Machine, Season One: Strange TImez
  296. Five Finger Death Punch, F8
  297. Aesop Rock, Spirit World Field Guide
  298. Small Bills, Don’t Play it Straight
  299. The 1975, Notes on a Conditional Form
  300. Godcaster, Long Haired Locusts
  301. Fiona Apple, Fetch the bolt cutters
  302. Garcia Peoples, Nightcap at Wits’ End
  303. The Lovely Eggs, I Am Mormon
  304. Album Review: Code Orange Get Industrial on Underneath | MetalSucksPure X, Pure X
  305. Code Orange, Under the Skin
  306. Disclosure, Energy
  307. James Williamson & Deniz Tek,Two to One
  308. Andy Bell, The View from Halfway Down
  309. Rafiq Bhatia, Standards Vol 1
  310. Nicole Atkins, Italian Ice
  311. The Revivalists, Made is Muscle Shoals
  312. Mura Masa, RYC
  313. envy, The Fallen Crimson
  314. Duma, Duma
  315. Big Freedia, Louder
  316. Khruangbin, Mordechai
  317. Bit of, teenage wastelandBaxter Dury, The Night Chancers review: not just a chip off the old  Blockheads
  318. Peach, Peach
  319. Baxter Dury, The Night Chancers
  320. Kevin Morby, Sundowner
  321. Polo G, The Goat
  322. Tamikrest, Tamotait
  323. Bishop Nehru, Nehruvia: My disregarded thoughts
  324. GVLLS, Ep 2020
  325. Cantine Sbuccia Split by Deaf Lingo, Double No
  326. Cowboy Junkies, Ghosts
  327. Partynextdoor, Partymobile
  328. David Keenan, A Beginners Guide to Bravery
  329. Forest Drive West, Parallel Space
  330. Folian, Blue MirrorFuture is 'High Off Life' on new album - REVOLT
  331. Wire, Mind Hive
  332. Smarts, Who Needs Smarts Anyway
  333. Ohmme, Fantasize Your Ghost
  334. Black 47, Saint Patrick’s Day Party
  335. CJ Fly, RUDEBWOY
  336. Afterbirth, Four Dimensional Flesh
  337. Kamaiyah, Got it Made
  338. Future, High Off Life
  339. Marcus King, El Dorado
  340. Sufjan Stevens and Lowell Brams, Aporia
  341. Lukas Nelson, Naked Garden
  342. Bobby Conn, Recovery
  343. Lido Pimienta, Miss Colombia
  344. Wasted Shirt, Fungus II
  345. Pa Salieu, Send them to Coventry
  346. Bbymutha, Muthaleficent
  347. Too Much, Club Emotion
  348. Trupa Trupa, I’ll Find
  349. Agnes Obel, Myopia
  350. AWOLNATION, Angel Miners and the Lightning RidersAlbum Review: 070 Shake - Modus Vivendi | Consequence of Sound
  351. Peel Dream Machine, Agitprop Alterna
  352. Brian Fallon, Local Honey
  353. Royce Da 5’9″,  The Allegory
  354. Melenas, Dias Raros
  355. Isobel Campbell, There is no other
  356. 070 Shake, Modus Vivendi
  357. Billie Joe Armstrong, No Fun Mondays
  358. No Joy, Motherhood
  359. Jessie Ware, What’s Your Pleasure
  360. Johanna Warren, Chaotic Good
  361. Brent Faiyaz, F the World
  362. Future Islands, As Long As You Are
  363. Paul Weller, On Sunset
  364. Buscabulla, Regresa
  365. Delanila, Overloaded
  366. Tide Lines, Eye of the Storm