Magellan aint got nothin’ on me

This morning I went on a journey of undetermined steps.  

Almost every run I do is of a predetermined length. Whether it is a race or a training run, I almost always know how far I am going to run before I ever tie my shoes.

Today was different. Today, as we are visiting family in Texas for spring break, I sought to circumnavigate Lake Pat Cleburne.

This lake is a beautiful place in the midst of a common land.  Central Texas can often be flat and geographically uninteresting. And yet, if one is willing to look, the beauty of God’s creation reveals itself in amazing ways.

While Lake Pat Cleburne is beautiful, it is mostly undeveloped. While I can easily imagine this place having an abundance of boat ramps and nature trails, for some unknown reason that work has never taken place. So, I did not know when I started the run if I would be able to completely circle the 1,600 acre lake. Doing so took creativity as I ran on dirt trails that divided farmers’ fields, through trails created for gas pipelines, and parallel to water reservoirs.  

Fourteen miles later I completed the journey.  Does circumnavigating Lake Pat Celburne make me Magellan? Probably not. But, for me, it was liberating to run without knowing where or how long the journey would take.


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