Natural Born Runner

Last night I travelled 2.3 miles in 44 minutes.

This is not a speed that would count as running or jogging–a speed that would barely qualify for walking. For last night I uncharacteristically ran with a partner. My partner was our five-year old son, Nathan.

Standing 3 1/2 feet tall and weighing all of 35 pounds, Nathan is a natural born runner. When he was really running, he was really running. His tiny legs turned over with the rhythm of a tireless engine.

What was most amazing about his running was his pure joy. He turned and watched his shadow, cast by a street light, just to see his arms swing. He pointed out the fullness of the moon. If I tried to pass him, he jumped into the air and wielded a karate chop in my direction to inhibit my progress.

The running of a five-year old is not only effortless and easy, it is filled with innocent discoveries.

May many more of my “runs” be this slow and natural and fun.


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