Taking what my body gives me

It is a cliché among runners to speak of “taking whatever your body will give you.”

When this phrase is used, it is almost always used to explain realizing ones limitations and not pushing it when muscles and tendons offer warning signs. However, today, taking whatever my body gave me yielded a surprisingly fast run.

This afternoon I dropped the car off to have the seats shampooed after one of the boys emptied his stomach on them during our return trip from Texas. Since the shampoo would take awhile, I used the opportunity to go for a six mile run.

After spending yesterday cramped up in the car and realizing that I had waited until the hottest and windiest time of the day to run, my expectations were low. I planned on running some leisurely 11 minute miles.

As I turned the corner toward the Albuquerque Balloon Park, my Garmin watch beeped indicating I hit the one mile mark. I looked down and was surprised at my time. I was running much faster than I thought. I ran the first five miles averaging around 9:30 per mile and the final mile under 9:00 minutes.

Today’s run was not what I planned, but I took what my body gave me and enjoyed the ride.


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