Unexpected Surprises: Running with Dennis Yang

Tomorrow I am preaching in church about expectations. Today I was reminded that some of the greatest experiences in life come in unexpected ways.

Less than 24 hours ago, I never heard the name Dennis Yang. This morning I joined with him in just a small portion of his journey across the United States. With the gracious support of his mom, who stops every three to five miles to offer him hydration and food, Dennis is running from California to New York. We connected through the chance meeting of a mutual friend.

Dennis has combined his writing skills (he has written over 100 children’s books), his passion for literacy, and his joy of running in this effort. As he runs across America, he stops and reads at schools and donates books to children. You can learn more about his journey at http://papadidos.org/

My contribution to Dennis’ run was meager. This week I pushed my body hard by combining training for my next marathon with P90X cross-training. By the time I heard of Dennis, I was already sore. Yet, Dennis was gracious. I ran with him up and down Tijeras canyon for the first nine miles of today’s run as he continued for another 10.

A beautiful morning, a great human being, an unexpected surprise.


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