Wind 2, Me 0

La Luz Trail

La Luz Trail

Two weeks ago, in this blog, I mentioned how I intended to run to the Sandia Crest, via the La Luz trail. However, my goal was thwarted by bad weather and insufficient time.

Today, I returned to the La Luz trail in pursuit of the elusive crest. Running wise, everything went great. But as I was passed the 8,000 foot mark, three-quarters of the way up,  the wind began to kick.

My intention was to run up the mountain and ride the tram down. Hikers descending from the top mentioned how much windier it was at the peak. Gusts started hitting 25 to 35 mph. I began to fear that the high winds would close the tram. I had Jennifer call the tram station, and my fears were confirmed. There would be no ride down. At least not by the tram. Instead, I had Jennifer pick me up at the base of the mountain.

Eight miles up, I turned around again. Humbled by mother nature once more.


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