Sprained Perseverance

Today was the beginning of my second week of training for a January marathon. I felt so good that I ran the first of 11 planned miles at an 8:25 minute/mile pace and had no idea I was moving that fast until I heard the beep on my watch.

As the road narrowed on a bridge overpass, my left ankle turned hard on an uneven piece of cement. I ripped my hat off my head and screamed to the sky in frustration, knowing this was not good.

Two hours at the MD Urgent Care confirmed that I sprained my ankle. The good news is that I didn’t break anything. The bad news is that I won’t be running for the next couple of weeks.

The perseverance runner is limited after all. The doctor gave me the speech about getting older and how these types of things may start happening more often as my tendonds age. I did not want to hear that.


sprained ankle


One thought on “Sprained Perseverance

  1. patrice

    lemmy from motorhead says ‘death is lifes way of saying slow down’
    maybe this was God’s way of telling you to slow down, but not permanently.
    hope you heal quickly.


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