Remembering Caballo Blanco

I never had the opportunity to meet Micah True (aka Caballo Blanco). Like millions of others, I first read about him in the pages of Born to Run. And, like millions of others, this morning my heart broke when I heard his body was discovered in the Gila Wilderness. (See story at

While my knowledge of Micah is not unique, his story inspired me to run and live differently. Rather than running races to elbow people out of the way to win a medal, Caballo Blanco advocated for people to run loose, easy, free, and with joy.

Micah’s passion inspired me to greater distances with greater joy. It was with this inspiration that I ran the Ghost Town 38.5 ultramarathon in January 2011. Ironically, it was in this same wilderness that Micah ran his last steps at the young age of 58.

Near the end of the book Born to Run, Micah is presented with the opportunity to make money with a race sponsorship. He replied to the offer with the following words, “I don’t want anyone to do anything except come run, party, dance, eat, and hang with us. Running isn’t about making people buy stuff. Running should be free, man.”

May we all aspire to run, live, and love with the freedom of the legendary Caballo Blaco, man.


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