Here I Sit

Right now my legs should be moving in rhythm through the rugged and barren landscape of the four corners area of western New Mexico. Instead, I am sitting on the couch.

Four months ago I started training for the Shiprock Marathon that is taking place this morning. I ran about 400 miles in preparation, ate well, did all the work.

On my last long training run, I reinjured my ankle. I thought about doing the half marathon, but yesterday I realized that I would not even be able to do that well. At best I would drive home frustrated; at worst I would drive home injured.

So here I sit. Wondering where I go from here. Time to rebuild again, time to dream again.


2 thoughts on “Here I Sit

  1. Lissie

    So sorry you are unable to run today – I know you do a lot of training mentally and physically for it. Hope you heal quickly and can get back out there ready for the next race that comes along. Lissie


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