Bad Run, Good Run

Today’s run began with all the confidence of the Green Bay Packers’ season.

Lots of clouds, not much oxygen

Lots of clouds, not much oxygen

My ankle has been feeling better than it has in a year.I completed a sprint triathlon. Last week I exercised six out of seven days. I began having dreams of the upcoming Big Tesuque race on October 6th and shattering my personal best time.

Running in the clouds

Running in the clouds

Then I hit the high altitude trails for the first time in many months. Running up the Tree Spring Trail, and connecting with the Crest Trail, I climbed from 8,600 feet to 10,300 feet. The combination of the unfamiliar altitude and steep climb left me gasping for breath. I was not as ready for this as I thought and began promising myself a healthier diet and more aggressive workouts.

I peaked at the Crest Tram station, got a drink of water and fresh bandaid for my lingering friend, Burnie, and headed back down.

I can see my house from here

I can see my house from here

The way down was much better. Running late for lunch with a friend, I flew down the mountain: leaping over fallen trees, dancing around rocks, light and free. As difficult as the way up was, the way down was pure joy.Still lots to do in the next month, but maybe not as bad as I thought.



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