Running for a mission

47583157 Did you know that on an average night there are 10,600 homeless people in the Denver Metro area. Did you know that the leading causes of homelessness are lost jobs, high housing costs, and medical expenses? Did you know that many of these are homeless youth between 14 and 24 without shelter?

In order to minister to this mission field, Central United Methodist Church’s Youth Group is going on an urban mission trip to Denver, Co in July 2013. On February 2, 2013 not only am I running the Sedona Marathon, but the much faster Scott Carver is joining me, while Mary Ridgeway runs the Half Marathon.

What do these two events have in common? By sponsoring me, you can help our youth get to Denver. For a donation of any amount, you can sponsor me and I will pray for you during that mile. Help our youth get to Denver and help our world be transformed through the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Donations can be made online at or given directly to Central United Methodist Church.


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