Healthy and Getting Healthier

I started running just over five years ago. At the time I weighed 220 pounds and lived a very sedentary lifestyle. While my diet was not horrible by American standards, it was not healthy either.

Then I was diagnosed with high liver enzymes and fatty liver disease. I replaced the remote control with running shoes and the cheeseburger with spinach.

At last check, I now weigh around 167 pounds. And, today, I got my latest blood test results and all my liver enzymes are normal. At the age of 45, I am in the best shape of my life.

However, I am not done yet. I have only begun.


I have plans to get healthier and stronger.

So, in order to celebrate renewed health and to keep moving forward I registered for the Cherry Garcia 5K on June 23rd…

adtthe American Discovery Trail Half Marathon on September 2nd…

which all point towards the Chicago Marathon in October.


Healthy and getting healthier!


2 thoughts on “Healthy and Getting Healthier

  1. Damon

    Rock on Greg! Congrats in taking charge and the positive biproducts of doing so. Welcome to runner’s high.


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