Future in the way of past

Less than two weeks ago, my summer racing card was full. A 5K PR was in sight for June 23rd. Brother Thom and I decided to warm up for the Chicago marathon in October with the ADT Half Marathon on Labor Day.

With a new diet in effect, I fell to 166 pounds, the least I weighed in over 20 years. Toned by crunches and equipped through running and cycling, I thrived in the best shape of my life. Training time and life responsibilities seemed to be my only limitations toward the goal of full health.

Then came the accident on the morning of June 13th. While I still don’t know what happened, the effects of fractures, lacerations, and pain make the simple task of updating this blog onerous.

future > past

future > past

However, one thought has remained firm in my foggy mind, a recent quote from front man Henry Rollins who when he was asked about returning to tour with his old punk band responded by saying, “my future is getting in the way of my past.”

I repeat these same words to myself–my future is in the way of my past. Even with a bruised and bandaged body and a summer full of suddenly empty weekends, I cling to the hope that my future is greater than my past.

At this particular moment I rest in painful emptiness, but soon I will be back with all of the energy and passion of someone who truly believes his future is greater than his past.


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