The Inadvertent 5K, Take 2

Registration by lantern

Back in January, I ran in a 5K with about 15 minutes of planning. I didn’t have time to warm up, showed up late, and got second place for all masters.

Tonight, I nearly repeated the same practice and ran the same course. This time, I decided to run a 5K about an hour and a half before the race started. And while I can claim that I was the first person to finish, it was only because the rest of the runners continued 9 more laps as part of the Albuquerque Academy 50K (they are running as I type and will continue running as I sleep).

This was a low-key, self-supported event. At 8pm, the race director, Kelley Garcia, looked at the crowd and simply said, “Okay, go” and without as much as a starting line the race was on.

The start of the 50K… or for me the 5K

While I ran at a pace significantly slower than January, it was great to be back out amongst other runners with a number pinned on my chest. They continued on their long journey, I drove away satisfied to simply have participated.


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