A Festivus Miracle

Six months ago yesterday I fell off a bike.

In September I sprained my back, an ankle, and a foot.

Last week I pulled a tendon above my ankle.

A few weeks ago I registered for the Festivus 5k. As a person who actually brings out the festivus pole every year and wrestles with the boys for feats of strength, there is no way I could resist a Festivus 5k. But with the accumulation of injuries, I began to wonder if running this was wise. However, my physical therapist pushed me and said you cannot live in fear, go out and have fun.

So I did.

It was cold and windy, the hill on mile two was steep, and I ran slower than I have ever run any 5K, but it was a blast.

One of the last people to cross the finish line was my friend Kelley Garcia–with her big smile, loud laugh, and carrying an inflated lamb (mutton, honey) the entire way. Seeing Kelley reminded me that running is not about the time on the clock, but the time spent living life and sharing joy.
Regardless of the injuries it was a Festivus miracle.
Team Amazing Day out in force! Sharing the morning with Brynn and John.






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