once again back is the incredible

It has been four months since I have posted to ye old blog. Sorry for the absence, but not much to report. A back surgery, physical therapy, a million acupuncture needles and stretching exercises, nothing all that newsworthy.

This morning I kept wiping tears from my eyes as my man Meb won the Boston Marathon. Meb too has overcome age and injuries. He became the first American to win Boston since 1983, the year after the bombing. You couldn’t make up a story like Meb.

I watched Meb’s face in the last miles. He was in pain. He struggled. He grimaced. A younger man was chasing him down, but he persevered. The post-race interview did not include the normal Meb smile, he left it all out on the course.

Over the last couple of weeks I have begun some early steps of running again. My physical therapist noted that even though I can’t fully dorsiflex my foot, that is not an incredibly important running motion (unless you are a heal striker like me, who now has to relearn how to run). So over the last two weeks I have gone from being able to clumsily jog a slow quarter mile, to a half mile. Today, with #MebStrong inspiring me, I did a full mile. I had to alternate running and walking, I had the music of MC5 propelling me, it was not fast or pretty, but my feet travelled their first non-stop full mile since December. Perseverance never stops.





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