A place like no other

I have the worst case of runner’s envy.

I can finish a run in the morning and if I see people running later in the day, I look at them and wish it was me. I am a covetous runner.

Imagine the skip of my heart when I learned yesterday that the Rock n Roll Marathon was happening in Nashville. Not only in the same city where I am staying, but the course was planned to pass right by our hotel. When I woke up this morning, I looked down from my hotel window and saw the flashing lights of a police car blocking the course.


under my window

How could I resist? With a sprained ankle and all, I strapped up my brace and headed down to be a part of the energy. I ran down the middle of blocked city streets, passed bands warming up, and into a crowd of 23,000 runners. With timing chips in place, the crowd was filled with enough pent up anxiety to blow the speakers out of the music city.


my name is greg and i cant resist a start line


Among a selfie-taking crowd, I hopped in to the 5k start. I didn’t have enough time to run the 5k and make it back for the morning training events, but I ran the first mile with the crowd and passed the corrals of waiting marathon runners.

It was a joy to be among the throng. But, it was like tasting an appetizer at a buffet. I can’t wait to get back to the place where I can be numbered among those who run. As crowds cheer and signs mark miles, these runners will discover a place at the core of their being like few other experiences. They will touch places that are fallible and find strength they never knew they had and will never be the same. 

Run on, my sisters and brothers. I’ll be with you soon.    



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