Running for those who can’t 

There are many reasons I run. I run for health, I run as a spiritual practice, I run to fundraise, I run to race, I run for joy. There are a lot of reasons I run, but today, I ran for those who can’t. 

Yesterday I returned to Albuquerque to visit New Mexico churches. The first person I saw was my friend Jeff who had been in a motor cross accident years ago but today can’t run more than half a mile. I stayed with my friends Phil and Kim. Phil recently had a second surgery on his arm.

Today is the sixth anniversary of the passing of my father-in-law, Robert Hudgins. He was one of the kindest, strongest, and most generous people I have ever known. Bobby was the kind of man I want to be. And yet, from the day I met him his body was broken. Diabetes tore him apart. While he had the same beautiful spirit, he struggled to see, walk, and get through life. 

Today I ran for Jeff, Phil, and especially Bobby. I ran for all who can’t. I breathed deeply, took in the beauty of the sunrise, and treasured every step.



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