Lessons from Running: Diligent Acceptance

Running is an incredibly humbling activity. 

Following the Columbus marathon, my running confidence soared. I set my eyes on the next challenge, the 24 hour, 1 Day for the KIA on April 8. I started training for this around Thanksgiving and grew stronger with each week of December and January training. I thought nothing could stop me. That is, until I felt a tension in my hamstring that devolved in to a micro tear in my quad.

Three weeks later, the endorphins of running have completely faded from my body and the reminder of my injury is present with every step.

Yesterday I ventured out once again. My gait was the best in weeks, I could run without any limp or compensation. However, the pain in my quad reminded me not to push too hard. I decided to divert to the gym, get my cardio on the recumbent bike, and return home and stretch and rest. 

From this experience I realized that I can only control what I can control and that I need to be content with whatever my body gives me. I will set myself up for success and live within my limitations. Between now and April 8 I will eat the best I can, train as wisely as I can, and stretch and strengthen as much as I can. After that, the results will take care of themselves.



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