Run CBus 50K-ish Report

“How fast do you want to go?” I asked Johnny, Jake, and Morgan as we set out on the Run CBus 50K.

“Sub 12”, said Rutherford.

Perfect, i thought.

Then we ran the first mile in 10:51 and the second in 10:09, the third in 10:02. We didn’t run a single mile close to 12 minutes until mile 16, and that was as we navigated city traffic. I thought to myself, technically this is sub 12, but over a minute per mile faster than i would’ve done by myself.

This was my pinnacle training run for the Fall 50 in Door County, Wisconsin. I shared with the group my anxiety about having to make the 11 hour cutoff. I did 50 miles around the OSU oval last year, but went well over 11 hours. It scares me a little to wonder if i can make the cutoff, which is part of the reason i signed up for the race. As we ran the faster pace around Columbus, i thought that if i can maintain this, i can do the Fall 50.

The high temperature in Columbus on Friday was 86, on Saturday we ran in the mid 60s. The perfect weather was coupled with laughter and good conversation. Four people who come from different backgrounds and live different lives came together to not only run, but to enjoy each other’s company.

We stopped at three breweries along the way for dehydration, with special thanks to Sammie at Knotty Pine for opening up early for us (as we were ahead of schedule) and being gracious as we made a mess of the place.

But most importantly, thanks to Morgan, Jake, and Johnny who pulled my older body around Columbus. I expected we would finish at four, and we were done before 2:30. Our overall pace was 12:42, including stops. I need to average 13:08 for the Fall 50 and won’t be making beer stops, so that now seems more possible.

Running might be the most individual of sports, but once again the running community proved that we can achieve things together that we can never do alone.

Relive the run:

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