The running year in review

In 2018 I accomplished milestones in running that I never had before, but I didn’t fully get to where I wanted to go.

My overriding goal for the year was to run 2018 miles in the year 2018. I experienced a couple of setbacks when I got the Great Flu of 2018 and later when I was whiplashed in a car accident. However, I gradually chipped away at the deficits and was caught up by the end of July. In the late summer and early fall I added to my cushion and it looked like I would easily make it. Then, I came back too quickly and too hard from my 50 mile run and injured myself. I’m riding out the rest of the year in a “return to run” protocol and will finish just shy of 1,800 miles. While I didn’t reach my goal, I ran more miles in a single year than I ever have before.

Web-Banner-smallRunning increased mileage served me well. I ran in 11 events this year, the most I’ve ever done in a single year. I set a 5K PR and took first place in my age group at a 10K. There may have only been five people in my age group, but I’ll count it all the same. I also spent many hours at Columbus Metro Parks and on trails that fed my soul.

32968586_1963600673649950_5114476425063170048_nMy primary spring race was the Playin’ Possum 50K. Possum events and the Possum community are the best. While I fell just short of my six hour goal on a hot day, Possums are not about finishing time or place, but about making friends, having fun, and supporting the special Olympics.

My primary goal for the year was to run a second 50 miler. The quality of that run would determine what I would do in 2019. With the help of many from our church family, I ran the Columbus Marathon; and then, thanks to the Possum community, ran another 24 miles back home. I fell short of my 11 hour cutoff plan, but set a PR by half an hour.

Since this run went so well, I am going to take the next step in seeing what I am capable of doing. In June I will run the Eagle Up Ultra, 24 hour run, in Canton, Ohio. I don’t know what my body is capable of beyond 50 miles. I have some physical limitations from my 2013 bike accident, but am excited to explore the undiscovered potential inside me. Also, I am going to take another try at the Run the Year concept and planning to run 2019 miles in the next year.

In 2018, I reached for things I had never accomplished in running. While I didn’t always get to where I wanted to go, I got to places I had never been. In 2019, I am reaching even farther and can’t wait to see where my feet land.

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