2019 Race Wish List

In 2019, my running goals are to have fun, run with a smile on my face, hang out with cool people, and discover beautiful trails. I plan on taking my training and diet more seriously; and, my racing less seriously. I want to cross finish lines in ways I never have: achieving new goals with the biggest grin on the course. These races are written in pencil, with most listed as TBD. I will embrace the opportunities that come to me and not be consumed by FOMO with those that don’t. Finding joy in the journey is my theme for 2019.

Feb 2, Groundhog Day Ultra or less TBD

Mar 23, Ohio Backyard Ultra, Waitlist

Apr 6, Forget the PR, TBD

Apr 13, Hangry Race

Apr 27, Big Turtle 50, Registered

May 19, Playin Possum 50K, TBD

June 8/9 Eagle Up 24 Hour Ultra, Registered Goal Race

July 27, Burning River 100 Relay