COVID 19 Mile Social Distance Run

Why continue to run if there is no t-shirt, finish line, or medal involved?

img_9480I haven’t run in a race since August. Since then, I have run over 1,000 miles and have maintained a level of training where I could run a marathon or 50K if the opportunity arose. Timing didn’t work out for a fall race in 2019 and the coronavirus has resulted in the cancellation of spring races in 2020.

Today I ran the “COVID 19 Mile Social Distance Run” which came with the instructions to “run as far away from any other people as possible… this is to be done alone… cough into your elbow.” This is the first “race” I’ve run in over six months and didn’t look like any other event I have completed on ultrasignup. I didn’t pin a bib to my chest or eat cookies from aid stations. Nonetheless, I did see white tailed deer and bison, spent four hours in nature, and breathed fresh air.

img_9467Running is not just about getting the bling at finish lines, it is about the journey.

With races being cancelled, why continue to run? What is the point of training if there is no race?

Here are 10 reasons to continue running:

  1. Running is a great break from the non-stop, stress-enducing news cycle.img_9470
  2. Running gives you a pause from the barrage of coronoavirus associated emails.
  3. Running is a source of aerobic exercise that strengthens your immune system.
  4. Running releases endorphins that make you feel good.
  5. Running is one of the few activities that can be done while social distancing
  6. Running connects you with nature
  7. There are no sports on TV, go do your own sport
  8. Running burns the extra calories you’ve eaten while binge watching Netflix
  9. Running is a safe activity without exposure to other people’s germs
  10. Run for the sake of running


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