Hope half-marathon, the un-canceled run

Today was my second run in the Un-canceled series, a half marathon. In addition to running 13.1 miles, this virtual run came with the following invitation: If we can hope, then we can pull through this dark time together and come out the other side. If we can hope, then we all have something that keeps us going right now. In the words of Hellen Keller, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”  And we will overcome it.

hope-halfThis morning’s run was a beautiful journey, a welcome break from so many reports of infections and death. The sun shone in a blue sky in a way that we seldom experience in Ohio. I ran a familiar path around Hilliard and up and down the banks of the Scioto River. Water rushed over the Griggs Dam and spring blossomed all around as a reminder that life wins.

Hope is all around us

Hope is found in families out walking together

Hope is found in neighbors who call each other as they make a rare trip to the groceryimage0 (1) store

Hope is found in people who volunteer and work at free food markets so all people can have access to healthy foods

Hope is found in trees the bud and flowers that bloom

Hope is found in artists who freely give of themselves so our souls can experience beauty

Hope is found in people who practice and proclaim hope so others can find their own

image0 (3)



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