Inspiration 10K, the Un-cancelled run

inspiration-10kI have never done anything halfway and running is no exception.

Today marked my seventh virtual race in the last six weeks and the completion of four of sevens races with Run the Edge‘s Un-cancelled race series.

A week ago today I ran a marathon in brutal wind. Today I ran a 10K under a gorgeous blue sky. My body is still not fully recovered from the marathon and yet my body surprised me today. I would’ve been happy to finish the 10K in under an hour, but after the first mile I realized I had more in me than that. I ran each mile faster than img_9949the next and chased down a new goal of finishing with an overall 8:59 minute per mile pace. While this pace is not a PR, it was a great gift for as hard as I have been pushing myself lately. I came in under the 9 minute per mile pace in the last tenth of a mile and pushed hard to the end. 

The theme for this week’s run is inspiration. As I ran I thought of those who inspire me. I thought of a lot of people in our church community who live in poverty and yet show great resilience, perseverance, and faithfulness. One of those people is a woman named Kim Hairston who has been through her own journey and spends the bulk of her time and energy helping people who are homeless and vulnerable. Kim is a person who inspires me. Yesterday she sang a song that was the high point in our worship service. See this video for a person who is one of my inspirations:

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