Kindness 10K, another un-cancelled run

One of the things I love about running is its simplicity.

There is no need for expensive equipment.

There is no complicated technique, it is just left foot, right foot, left foot.

There is no need to travel to distant places, there are a million great places to run outside your door.

There is no need for shirts or medals or bling. One of the opportunities of this moment is to run for the simple joy of running.

I have been embracing that opportunity full-on. Today was my 13th virtual race since the img_0346outbreak of the coronavirus. Less than a week ago I ran my second fastest marathon ever. Today, I went out seeking to run a 10K in under an hour. That is no record setting pace, but considering the heavy toll I have put on my body it was an aggressive goal. It has also been raining enough in Ohio to make ark building seem reasonable. Today, I ran on the Mudsock Trail that lived up to its name.  My new shoes and clean socks were soaked by the time I finished in a time of 59:02, almost a minute faster than my goal.

The weather was unseasonably cold and wet, the conditions difficult, and my legs tired. But all of that just made the accomplishment sweeter.

It is this same simplicity found in running that can be lived in life. The Dalai Lama is quoted as saying, “My religion is very simpleMy religion is kindness.” In order to love one another we don’t need complicated theologies, divisive denominations, or unachievable expectations. The simple act of showing kindness to others, ourselves, and all of creation is enough.


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